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KCLF 1500 AM

KCLF 1500 AM is a commercial radio station broadcasting News, Views, Blues, Zydeco, Oldies, Contemporary R&B, Urban, and Gospel music. We broadcast music you hear and music you DON'T hear on most mainstream radio stations. In addition to our locally produced music shows, we offer National and Local music and news programming that covers issues underrepresented by other media. We are locally owned and operated, and our staff consists of your neighbors playing music, sharing news, and operating the station. KCLF 1500 AM is a fresh new voice in radio, and as the only FM radio station in Pointe Coupee Parish, we proudly live up to our motto, “The Voice of Pointe Coupee!”

“KPCP and KCLF have been a blessing to the people of Pointe Coupee Parish. Our station brings local and national information, news, and entertainment to those without access to KPCP, and KCLF is our collective voice in our everyday lives.”
Roosevelt Gremillion, KPCP and KCLF founder.

KCLF 1500 AM is a commercial radio station serving citizens of the city of New Roads, Louisiana, Pointe Coupee Parish, East and West Baton Rouge Parish, East and West Feliciana Parish, Iberville Parish, St. Landry Parish, Lafayette Parish, Avoyelles, Concordia, Rapids Parish and parts of Mississippi. KCLF covers a listening area of over 200,000 people. KCLF 1500 AM broadcasts News, Views, Blues, Zydeco, Oldies, Contemporary Urban, and Gospel music on the public airwaves. The programming schedule covers seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Music, news, and talk programming consist of locally produced & syndicated programs. KCLF has served and continues to serve as the official emergency broadcast outlet for the City of New Roads, Louisiana and Pointe Coupee Parish. The station also conducts live broadcasts of school board meetings as well as local and regional sports.

Our Founder

Mr. Roosevelt Gremillion


The history, grassroots, community oriented philosophy of KPCP 88.3 FM and KCLF 1500 AM begins with our founder Mr. Roosevelt Gremillion. Mr. Gremillion was born on February 2, 1939 in the rural farming community of Ventress, Louisiana on the outskirts of New Roads, Louisiana. At the tender age of 6, Mr. Gremillion experienced a personal tragedy that would shape his life for years to come.

In 1946, his mothers, along with his youngest brother, were killed in a tornado also left he and his brother’s homeless. His father moved to New Orleans and started another family, leaving Mr. Roosevelt and his siblings in the loving care of his grandfather and grandmother. “My grandparents were sharecroppers and didn’t have much, but they made sure that my brothers and I were taken care of, loved, and they made sure all of us were educated.”

At the age of 17, Mr. Gremillion attended Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but had to leave college in order to help support his grandparents and younger brothers. “I wanted to attend college, but I understood that I had two younger brothers who were going to be in college soon, and I did not want to put that financial burden on my grandmother and grandfather.”

Mr. Gremillion returned to New Roads, Louisiana and worked a variety of jobs to support his brothers and elderly grandparents. It was during the 1960’s that Mr. Gremillion became involved in the local Civil Rights Movement. It was during this time that Mr. Gremillion met Mr. Emmitt Douglas, a person who would mentor him for many years. Together, they organized the local NAACP chapter in New Roads, Louisiana (an organization the Mr. Gremillion would become Chapter President many years later).

Mr. Douglas recognizing the talent, work ethic, and willingness to learn, invited Mr. Gremillion to come to work with him in his business distributing African American Hair Products to African American beauty shops and barbershops throughout the state of Louisiana and Mississippi. “Emmitt Douglas helped me to grow as a business person. I learned important and valuable lessons while working with him.” Mr. Gremillion worked for Mr. Emmitt Douglas for 12 years, then started out on his own as a distributor African American Hair Products and opened Gremillion’s Barber and Beauty Supply and organizing hair care product shows for the next 15 years. Mr. Gremillion opened 3 stores (one in New Roads, and tow stores in Baton Rouge (one on North Street, and the other on Plank Road).

In 1989, Mr. Gremillion had an opportunity to purchase KCLF 1500 AM in New Roads. The station had a country music format at the time, but recognizing the potential influence of radio, Mr. Gremillion embraced the challenge and organized his own media company called New World Broadcasting “I didn’t know much about owning or operating a radio station, but I was willing to learn…I had no choice!” The format of KCLF 1500 AM was changed from country to Blues, Gospel, and Soul Music to cater to the larger mature and younger demographic that deeply listened to and supported the Blues, Gospel, and Soul (later Southern Soul) music. KCLF 1500 AM was highly successful and became a mainstay in Pointe Coupee Parish and surrounding parishes and counties in Louisiana and Mississippi.

In 1997, Mr. Gremillion and New World Broadcasting applied for an FCC license to own and operate an FM Station which resulted in the purchase of WBJJ 104.5 FM in Jackson, Louisiana. The station was sold in 1999.

In 2003, Mr. Gremillion organized Stop The Violence/Save The Children, Inc., a 501(c)(3) Louisiana non-profit corporation dedicated to addressing the needs of youth through the influence and power of media submitted another application to the FCC to own and operate an FM Station and acquired KPCP 88.3 FM (the only FM station in Pointe Coupee Parish). In 2008, KPCP 88.3 FM received its construction permit, and in 2010, the station broadcasting news, Blues, Zydeco, Oldies, Soul, and Southern Soul music. As Pointe Coupee Parish’s only FM station, KPCP has filled a vital role of disseminating local news, weather, and sports in the parish, thus earning the title “The Voice of Pointe Coupee.!” “KPCP has been a blessing to the people of Pointe Coupee Parish. Our station brings local and national information, news, and entertainment to those who would not have access KPCP is our collective voice in our everyday lives.”

Mr. Gremillion envisions a bright future for KPCP. Immediate plans are to expand the stations current 25,000 watt tower to 50,000 watts in order to expand the station’s coverage area as well as adding more in depth programming. “Zydeco, Blues, Southern Soul, and Gospel has a long and rich musical history, our job is to bring that musical culture and history to the next generation.”

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